My name is Val. If you follow this blog be prepared to experience Loki, Sigyn (other Thor-verse characters) and some other Marvel super heroes or "villains." As you can tell Logyn is my primary focus.

I use this blog as a way to post my thoughts and feelings and also my fanfiction.

Be aware that not all fanfictions will be consistent with each other. The longer stories / epics can stand alone from the one shots.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

I do take prompt requests, however my ask box is CLOSED for the time being. Requests have built up and I slowly, but surely will get through all of them. Thank you for understanding.

If you see something you do not like, do not read it.

Logyn TIme


Title: Lisbeth

Fandom: Thor & The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo crossover

Pairing(s): Loki/Lisbeth Salander 

Rating: K

Word Count: 983 words 

Summary: Loki meets Lisbeth Salander. 

Notes: It was inspired since I use Rooney Mara as Sigyn, I decided to write a story involving the two outcasts. It’s very short and I hope I captured Lisbeth correctly. She is a hard character to write.

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