My name is Val. If you follow this blog be prepared to experience Loki, Sigyn (other Thor-verse characters) and some other Marvel super heroes or "villains." As you can tell Logyn is my primary focus.

I use this blog as a way to post my thoughts and feelings and also my fanfiction.

Be aware that not all fanfictions will be consistent with each other. The longer stories / epics can stand alone from the one shots.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

I do take prompt requests, however my ask box is CLOSED for the time being. Requests have built up and I slowly, but surely will get through all of them. Thank you for understanding.

If you see something you do not like, do not read it.

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Do You Hear the People Sing? Part I

Title: Do You Hear the People Sing? Part I 

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki

Words: 1,061

Rating: T

Summary: Vanaheim stands against Asgard by building a large barricade in defiance with Odin’s regime. Loki and Thor are sent to dismantle them when he sees the woman who he longed to be with. Inspired by Les Mís. Lyrics are obviously not mine, except the ballad between Loki and Sigyn. 

Notes: Prompt requested by Anonymous 

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Sweet Chocolate

TItle: Sweet Chocolate 

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki

Rating: K+ 

Words: 759 words

Summary: Loki dislikes chocolate… at first. 

Notes: Prompt request by Anonymous. 

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Something New

Title: Something New 

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki

Rating: M

Words: 877 words

Summary: Loki and Sigyn try something new in the bedroom. 

Notes: Prompt Request by Anonymous

Warning(s): Smut and rough anal sex. 

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The Other Family

Title: The Other Family

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki and Loki/Angrboda

Rating: T

Words: 1,101 words

Summary: Loki spends more time with Angrboda and her children rather than a pregnant Sigyn. 

Notes: Prompt request from orbit-drops. Happy birthday, Olga! :D 

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The Vents

Title: The Vents

Pairing: Sigyn/Loki


Words: 856 words

Summary: Loki and Sigyn’s first time. (Mortal Odinson brothers) 

Notes: Prompt request by Anonymous 

Warning(s): Smut, teenage sexuality, old Nintendo Games, if you don’t like it, don’t bother reading it. 

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Title: Christmas

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki

Rating: K

Words: 789 words

Summary: Problems arise around Christmas time for Sigyn and Loki. 

Notes: Prompt request by Anonymous. Merry Christmas everyone! :D 

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Title: Reluctance 

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki

Rating: M

Words: 801 words

Summary: Sigyn and Loki are young and want to try sex for the first time, but 

Notes: Prompt request by Anonymous.

Warning(s): “Teenage” sexuality. 

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Vacation to Midgard Part II

Title: Vacation to Midgard Part II 

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki, Thor/Sif

Rating: T

Words: 2,235 words 

Summary: Loki, Thor, Sif and Sigyn all go on vacation to Midgard, but this time Thor and Sif learn a few things. 

Notes; Prompt requested by Anonymous 

Warning(s): Some sexual content. 

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teenage loki in Midgard.

See These Eyes So Blue

Title: See These Eyes So Blue

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki

Rating: T

Summary: Malekith the Accursed has kidnapped Sigyn and Loki has to go save her. 

Words: 402 words

Notes: This isn’t the typical damsel in distress story. This is one of the stories that got thrown into the reject pile. So enjoy! 

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Winter is Coming Vol. 3

Title: Winter is Coming Vol. 3

Character(s): Arya Stark, Euron Greyjoy, Loki, Sigyn, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Joffrey Baratheon (Lannister), Sansa Stark, The Mountain, Victarion Greyjoy and Asha Greyjoy, Sandor Clegane, Ilyn Payne. 

Rating: M

Words: 6,153 words

Summary: Winter is coming for the Lannisters. A new family has emerged. Very, very AU.

Notes: Prompt request by Anonymous. FINAL PART. I know it’s kind of long, I had to cut out a lot because it was becoming a headache. 

Mood Music: 

Meiko Kaji / The Flower Of Carnage by Kill Bill on Grooveshark

Warning(s): Blood, killing, sex with a minor (Minor by our standards at least), violence, Spaghetti Western influence, etc.

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