My name is Val. If you follow this blog be prepared to experience Loki, Sigyn (other Thor-verse characters) and some other Marvel super heroes or "villains." As you can tell Logyn is my primary focus.

I use this blog as a way to post my thoughts and feelings and also my fanfiction.

Be aware that not all fanfictions will be consistent with each other. The longer stories / epics can stand alone from the one shots.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

I do take prompt requests, however my ask box is CLOSED for the time being. Requests have built up and I slowly, but surely will get through all of them. Thank you for understanding.

If you see something you do not like, do not read it.

Logyn TIme

idea by blimeybloodybollocks!
has this been done….

that’s why Steve likes Tony so much, he’s like capitalism personified

@Ruciferu__ Lokittie♥♥


#Clint is like: I’ll show you this great bar guys #and Tasha is: fuck Clint it’s a horrible place and you’d think a gay bar would be more classy #and cap is just happy because he has friends

cap is just happy because he has friends
what’s with cap’s butt? it looks like he shoved two beach balls into his backside. am i the only one who notices this? 

the most precious of all babies

why real life why


freaking out because of new avengers stuff :


your friends :