My name is Val. If you follow this blog be prepared to experience Loki, Sigyn (other Thor-verse characters) and some other Marvel super heroes or "villains." As you can tell Logyn is my primary focus.

I use this blog as a way to post my thoughts and feelings and also my fanfiction.

Be aware that not all fanfictions will be consistent with each other. The longer stories / epics can stand alone from the one shots.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

I do take prompt requests, however my ask box is CLOSED for the time being. Requests have built up and I slowly, but surely will get through all of them. Thank you for understanding.

If you see something you do not like, do not read it.

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I'm not bad thank you, haven't seen you in a while. How's things going?

Yeah, I know. It sucks. :( I’ve been busy with school and actually being social. Good for me, I suppose, but it’s so tiring. 

I’m okay though. :) 

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Hello beautiful person. How are you?

Hello! I’m well. 

And yourself? 

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Holy crap haven’t seen you in a while how are you?

hola! :) 

i still have the same number. you can text me too. 

I hope my muse will come back as the anticipation builds for Thor 2. I just have no time lately. Sigh. -.- 

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Do You Hear the People Sing? Part I

Title: Do You Hear the People Sing? Part I 

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki

Words: 1,061

Rating: T

Summary: Vanaheim stands against Asgard by building a large barricade in defiance with Odin’s regime. Loki and Thor are sent to dismantle them when he sees the woman who he longed to be with. Inspired by Les Mís. Lyrics are obviously not mine, except the ballad between Loki and Sigyn. 

Notes: Prompt requested by Anonymous 

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I’m not listening to the Les Mis soundtrack on repeat if that’s what you’re thinking. 

Oh, I love this idea so much!!~<3 Sigyn would remind me a bit like Eponine in this situation. And if you ever want help turning it to song, let me know! I’m a lyricist. :D Good luck and happy writing!

That would be wonderful! Thank you! I might be online tomorrow, if not definitely thursday. :) 

Just as a warning, I write these completely out of order, which means I write which one I can have a better picture of.

Oh, and I added a new story. 

Hopefully going to work on some tomorrow, but it’s my long day. we’ll see. 

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Ever thought of a Les Mis style crossover? Maybe it's a Vanaheim revolution against Asgard, they're slaves to Asgard maybe? and Sigyn is a rebel and Loki is member of Asgard army. They maybe see each other at the barricade or in the streets? Romeo and Juliet of sorts?

Anon, you read my mind! I was thinking of this seriously as I was walking home from class. It’s beautiful. Yes, I would love to do it. 

I wonder if I could actually pull off writing it in song… 

Sweet Chocolate

TItle: Sweet Chocolate 

Pairing(s): Sigyn/Loki

Rating: K+ 

Words: 759 words

Summary: Loki dislikes chocolate… at first. 

Notes: Prompt request by Anonymous. 

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